Beauty in Patents

In an earlier post, I wondered about the hidden beauty of scientific illustrations in books which are read only by very few specialists. A similar situation is found in the context of patents. They usually come with clarifying sketches or illustrations which range from sloppy to artistic.

Not later than from the moment Richard Buckminster Fuller filed his patent on cartography in 1944, mathematical beauty had found its way into patent applications. How many hidden gems may there be in patents? At least, having patents available online makes it a lot easier to spot some.

Here is a selection of wonderful things visualised in patents. I wonder, however, whether in some cases this is patenting of geometry as much as of the technology derived from it.

Double-curved shell
US 7591108 B2
Published 1996

Space structures with non-periodic subdivisions of polygonal faces
US 5524396 A
Published 2009

Portable greenhouse structure and method and apparatus for assembling same
US 6499260 B2
Published 2002

Multi-layer golf ball having improved inter-layer adhesion via induction heating
US 20080220899 A1
Published 2008

Geodesic structure
US 7389612 B1
Published 2008

Building construction [Fuller’s geodesic dome]
US 2682235 A
Published 1954

Aggregates of small particles of synthetic faujasite zeolite
US 8852326 B2
Published 2014

Set of tiles for covering a surface [Penrose Tiles]
US 4133152 A
Published 1979

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