I am a computer scientist working as a data scientist who also loves mathematics. Look here to learn about the computer scientist but stay tuned on this blog to see some of the mathematics and science stuff that fascinates me.

In his article The Value of Science, Richard P. Feynman makes the case that a mathematical view of nature does not diminish its perceived beauty but significantly enhances it. This blog is meant in a similar spirit.

Now, I cannot resist quoting my favorite excerpt from Feynman’s article:

» When we read about this in the newspaper, it says “Scientists say this discovery may have importance in the search for a cure for cancer.” The paper is only interested in the use of the idea, not the idea itself. Hardly anyone can understand the importance of an idea, it is so remarkable. Except that, possibly, some children catch on. And when a child catches on to an idea like that, we have a scientist. It is too late for them to get the spirit when they are in our universities, so we must attempt to explain these ideas to children. «


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice assortment of thoughts, references and discoveries.
    In your posts you remind me of so many things I would also like to endeavor with, but lacked of time or skills.
    Keep up Rolf and thanks for taking the time to collect them, write them down and safeguard them from oblivion.


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